Press Release June 2010

NOJA POWER OSM38 KEMA Type Testing Completed

The NOJA Power OSM38 auto recloser has been successfully type tested at KEMA in The Netherlands.

kema typtest

Over the last 2 weeks KEMA conducted a full set of IEEE C37.60 and IEC 62271-111 type tests on the OSM38 product. This includes interruption duty cycle at 12.5kA, load switching 630A, cable charging, line charging, dielectric withstand capability including 170kV BIL across the open gap and 195kV BIL phase to phase and phase to ground, wet and dry power frequency, temperature rise and mechanical operations testing.

A single sample was used for all interruption and load switching testing and a second sample was used for impulse and temperature rise testing. The NOJA Power OSM38 product passed all certification testing and KEMA is now in the process of issuing 3 complete type test certificates to confirm the successful testing and full standards compliance.

KEMA Station 6 High Current Test Laboratory

KEMA Station 6 High Current Test Laboratory