Press Release May 2006

NOJA Power Helps To See The Light

Australian recloser manufacturer, NOJA Power, recently completed the first stage of a $1.5 million R&D project to develop a new range of medium voltage switchgear designed to out perform everything else on the market today.

The microprocessor-based auto-reclosers combine proven switching technology with a completely new generation of controller. Lessons learnt from over 100 years of combined recloser manufacturing experience have gone into the new design resulting in a high quality, cost effective and reliable product.

From the start NOJA Power focussed their design on a number of key areas. All electronics were designed to be immune to Electro Magnetic Interference - a common problem with poorly designed medium voltage switchgear. Power consumption has been kept extremely low using the latest low-power components. A significant amount of effort went into accurate signal analysis so advanced power quality measurements could be included in the final product. Finally, SCADA connectivity was designed in from the very beginning with a focus on easy configuration and multiple interface options.

NOJA Power's Engineering Manager, Mr Jay Manne, believes NOJA Power has developed a world class product.

"This development project drew on over a century of combined experience in servicing the Electricity Supply Industry and in the development of electronic systems. Our goal was to produce a family of products that exceeded market expectations through innovative engineering and the appropriate application of new technologies," he said.

NOJA Power committed a large amount of resources to the project and was supported every step of the way by Ausindustry with a Research and Development Start Grant. This scheme funds up to 50% of the cost of a project and is only awarded after a competitive round of grant submissions. This valuable assistance has allowed NOJA Power to successfully develop a recloser product with 100% Australian owned Intellectual Property.