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Published 05/2018

What Does 'Integrated Solution' Truly Mean?

Providing clarity for one of the most useful concepts in modern engineering.

NOJA Power OSM Recloser and RC Controller Type Tested in KEMA Laboratory
NOJA Power OSM Recloser and RC Controller Type Tested in KEMA Laboratory

In a world where marketing clichés run rampant, the electrical engineering profession is no exception. Terms such as Innovation, Solutions and Disruption are a few of the buzz words which engineering marketing literature has overused to the point of complete lack of meaning, but one concept remains which has value when truly applied: integration.

Electrical engineering is a challenging subject. In such a complex system, any application, product or service which can group a set of related features together to be independently tested by specialist experts provides an incredible value in reliability and risk mitigation.

Therein lies the challenge in modern engineering – where the complexity of each subcomponent becomes a specialty unto itself. Modern protection relays could warrant a tertiary education themselves, never mind the integration task that is required to bring all the equipment together. However, any product which takes a small subset and groups it together, tests and validifies it, is eliminating risk for the project and eliminating complexity.

Integration is the policy of a product which provides a monolithic solution to what the application requires, and in the electricity industry, that is the NOJA Power way. NOJA Power believes in integrating all the components of a recloser into a single package, which is factory tested and shipped to site ready for service.

For NOJA Power, an integrated solution means that their OSM Recloser System is supplied with all voltage and current sensors required for protection and automation, paired together with a controller which incorporates every protection element you can think of, with all the world’s energy SCADA protocols available, in every unit.

NOJA Power OSM Recloser and RC Controller Type Tested in KEMA Laboratory
NOJA Power OSM Recloser and RC Controller Type Tested in KEMA Laboratory

This comprehensive coverage of what Switchgear Primary and Secondary systems require is the reason why the device is used in such a wide variety of applications. From substation Circuit Breaker through to conventional pole mounted recloser, even as a sectionaliser or remote controlled earthing switch, the OSM Recloser system has everything on board to solve a Medium Voltage Switching application.

“The intention of the dual logo Standard IEEE C37.60 / IEC62271-111 is that to meet the requirements of this Standard the auto reclosing circuit breaker tank, its voltage and current sensors and the control that provides the protection and automation functionality are type tested to meet the requirements of this Standard as a completely integrated package,” says NOJA Power Neil O’Sullivan. “NOJA Power products have been third party certified by independent type test laboratories to meet the requirements of the Standard as fully integrated solutions.”

Following an integrated solutions approach minimises project risk, greatly reduces testing and results in more reliable power through the utilization of existing engineering art. NOJA Power are dedicated to providing integrated switchgear to for the medium voltage grid, and with over 50,000 units in service worldwide it is worthwhile having NOJA Power on your side.

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