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Published 01/2017

No SCADA, No Problem.

How to Achieve Remote Control and Monitoring of Distribution Networks

The benefits of implementing a SCADA system in distribution networks is well documented, but unfortunately for smaller utilities and municipals the upfront cost is simply too high to bear. Getting your network under control used to mean an expensive exercise in deploying a comprehensive SCADA system, but in the modern distribution network there is an alternative. NOJA Power’s RC10 controlled Automatic Circuit Reclosers are deployed in over 85 countries today, and this controller provides a separate option for remote control and operation – the NOJA Power Mobile App.

Small utilities have small teams of qualified personnel. These people often have access to the majority of their network assets, as they are usually entrusted as the curators of their network. What if the lead engineer of a utility has immediate access to all of his equipment remotely? A person in this position already holds the control and responsibility for the performance of their network, providing mobile access over a secure link is a logical step to enable them to better accomplish their jobs.

Man looking down at tablet with NOJA Power App on screen
Remote Operation of NOJA Power OSM Recloser using NOJA Power Mobile App

By deploying fixed IP communications into NOJA Power RC10 or RC15 controllers, small utilities can place their Intelligent Network Devices on a secure Virtual Private Network. Authorised laptops and mobile devices can also be provided secure access to this network, providing a secure data link between the control (lead engineers PC and Mobile Device), and the intelligent network assets. There is no need for an expensive SCADA control system for an electricity distributor to get vision of their network assets, through remote engineering access and the NOJA Power Recloser Application, utilities have eyes in the field that can assist with fault finding, reswitching and supply restoration.

Furthermore, the NOJA Power RC15 Recloser Controller is actually supplied with a 4G/3G modem already installed. For this installation, all that is required is a fixed IP SIM card and a network – remote monitoring and control is immediate for the authorized users. Simplicity is a great ally of security, and with this network topology, utilities can achieve the necessary network control for a very minor investment.

NOJA Power has supported trials of this capability right across the globe, from the United States of America, through to Turkey and round through the pacific islands. The safety benefits of using a mobile application to control switchgear is immediately apparent, and even private owners of NOJA Power equipment are capitalizing on the WiFi capability in the RC15 controller to use the mobile app at the base of the pole. Any opportunity to get operators out of harms way using secure communications techniques is a worthwhile investment.

NOJA Power Group Managing Director Neil O’Sullivan reports “The majority of our customers use smart phones and Apps in most aspects of their lives today. NOJA Power launched the first generation of our recloser app in 2012 and today it has matured into an essential tool for many of our customers. It can be downloaded for free from the Apple or Google App stores.”

NOJA Power are dedicated to making the latest in safe distribution technology available to everyone, everywhere. With the use of the NOJA Power Mobile application and CMS Remote, even the smallest utilities can achieve their goals of remote control and monitoring of their network. No longer does a utility need to commit a major capital expenditure project to achieve visibility on their network – a simple VPN with some fixed IP SIMs and utility engineers could be operating their network from their bed. With multiple successful trials worldwide, NOJA Power looks forward to supporting you in achieving your goals for network control.

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